Litter by Grace Of Angels Home Precions Moments [Deu]
out of Celine In Choco V Queen Of Eskalony (ZBrH 22238) [Deu]

Three Generation Pedigree

Pol Rus Ch Jessomine Aussie Merlot
Rough Golden Red & White, born 24 Nov 2003, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0
Deu (VDH) Ch Grace Of Angel's Home Daily Joy Of Life [Deu]
Rough Golden Red & White, born 27 Jun 2011, hips HD-A
Gold Grace Of Maranns Home [Bel]
Rough Golden Red & White, born 7 Dec 2007, hips HD-A
Grace Of Angels Home Precions Moments [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 4 Sep 2017, hips HD-A
Pol Ch Hi Alderaan Of Maranns Home [Bel]
Rough Black & White, born 18 May 2008, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0, CL normal
Alderaan Just Because [Pol]
Rough Black & White, born 14 Jun 2013, hips FCI-A1
Alderaan Lollapalooza [Pol]
Rough Black & White, born 12 Mar 2010
Puppy from this litter
Multi Ch Eyes Of The World Kontiki [Bel]
Rough Black & White, born 25 Apr 2011, hips HD-B, elbows 0/0
Navajo IV Earl Of Eskalony (ZBrH 17766) [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 8 Apr 2014
Rihanna III Queen Of Eskalony [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 26 Feb 2009
Celine In Choco V Queen Of Eskalony (ZBrH 22238) [Deu]
Rough Chocolate & White, born 12 May 2018
Deu (Club+VDH) Ch Eskalony's Casper I Lord Of Lasvegas (ZBrH 11687) [Deu]
Rough Red & White, born 1 Sep 2007, hips HD-A, CL normal, TNS normal
Delena In Red With Tan IV Queen Of Eskalony [Deu]
Rough Red Tricolour, born 20 Aug 2011, CEA normal


Lolita III Queen Of Eskalony (ZBrH 11480) [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 10 Jun 2007


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